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Serkan ÖZÇELİK @Sistem Robotik
05 January 2014
Siterobot announces E-Commerce Packages with Online store for everyone slogan! Siterobot has been a significant platform in eight months. It has reached 5000 user, developed wonderful tools for webmasters. The last one is Siterobot traffic exhange tool, which attracts attention by users. Finally we have an amazing product for our users , Siterobot E-Commerce package. Siterobot E-Commerce package is not only for internet entrepreuners, it is also for conventional merchants. The interface is really simple for users both the seller and buyer. Despite this simplicity, it has the features needed for an e-commerce site. We guarantee that you will love it. You can try the product with standart and starters packages whi...

Jiddu Makhni @Siterobot
11 April 2013
You dont need to look for escrow service out of Siterobot Siterobot has two main object with being in website market. Initially and basically Siterobot purposes to provide a platform to website market parties. The second one and an integrated part of website trading is completion of transaction with change. After a sale in a website market completing the transaction is a burden due to nature of products. There are some escrow service providers which has dignity with their high quailified business. Many times most people think about why they have to go to another service providers for completing the transaction. Buyers and sellers should obtain escrow service by using different service provider...

Gökhan AKSU @Sistem Robotik
05 April 2013
How can you make a good deal on Siterobot? You have a very good website. It has a very effective monetization model, a premium domain, a unique content and elegant design. You get regular income with your website. In a phrase your website is really charming to offer for sale. At this point, some people may think that” Ok, I can get the best price for my website it is already wonderful. Big mistake! Ofcourse a good property may sell itself. It would be difficult without tips which we will touch on below. 1. Honesty It is very important to make buyers convinced of what you declare in your listing. Information not basing on truth is mostly pretty much obvious. If the buyers feel any f...

Matthew Lapinsky @Siterobot
13 March 2013
Is your website’s value in the future or past? Probably you have met different views which has been mentioning ways of pricing your website. Conventionally standards for valuing your website depends on items such as website traffic, Alexa rank, Google rank, monthly income, website age, domain value. All these items are significant for pricing your website undoubtedly. All these are called fundamental analysis based on historical datas in stock markets that is a pricing approach and the fact is a bit unfashioned. There is phrase in stock markets: Expectations are bought, realisations are sold. That expectations about the future of markets. We can’t ignore in platforms which works acco...

Jennifer Mcreeves @Siterobot
01 March 2013
Siterobot the Winnovator Infographic March 2013 As Siterobot get people together, it is platform, also it is a virtual market as all users can trade mutual. It is purposed to provide buyers and sellers to get action basing on free market rules for the creation of some kind of barometer showing real prices of the website market. After the succeeded sale process buyer and seller complete Siterobot which includes the change of the sale total ownership rights of website. Buyers and sellers use their own Siterobot user accounts for all Siterobot transactions. Users may follow all records and balance in this account. This account can be deposited at by the user at anytime. They also can re...

Serkan ÖZÇELİK @Sistem Robotik
28 February 2013
Significance of Unique Content to Get Higher Your Website’s Rank Define your website’s subject area as what you want to provide users visiting your website. It should’t be targeted to get high traffic firstly with your website’s subject area. Your subject area should be about topics which you can get through. For example if you don’t have a medical experience and trying to operate medical website without any medical person support, what kind of content could make about medical. If you don’t have a another trick, you are condemned to fail unfortunately. Have a correctly defined subject area for fulfilling your web pages easily and usefully. Writing a high quality, rich and unique content that will satisf...

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