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Question: I sold my website, when can I get my money?

After you sold your website, the buyer deposit funds into Siterobot escrow account in 24 hours. Siterobot escrow process begins with the buyers transfer. You will be supposed to send the website using information such as user name, passwords to the buyer. Escrow process lasts 3 days. If the buyer has not approved the transfer yet, the money will be sent to your account automatically. If the buyer approves the transfer earlier, you will receive your Money as the buyer approves the transfer.

Question: What is difference between private sale and public auction?

Public auctions are used by sellers who want to sell their properties quickly for the highest price. In a public auction, the value of the current bid is displayed on the listing page.

Buyers who want to win the auction make bids that are higher than the current bid. The seller approves only the bidder they want to include in the auction. An approved bidder doesnt have to win the auction. For being a winner in public auction, a bid must be equal to or higher than the auction's reserve price, as well as the bids of all other buyers who bid in that auction. The auction winner is the person who bid a price that was equal to or more than the reserve price, and higher than all other bids, before the auction ends.

Sellers using public auctions can also apply a Buy It Now (BIN) price to their properties. Buyers who are happy to pay the BIN price can buy the property on the spot.

Private sales are used by sellers who want to take their time to find the good buyer at the right price. In a private sale, the offers made to the seller are kept private - even after the sale is completed. No one but the buyer and seller will know what a property sold for in a Siterobot private sale.

The seller can accept more than one offer for the competition. So if a buyer makes an offer on a private sale, and that offer is accepted, it doesn’t mean that buyer wins the sale.

Siterobot's private sales last for up to 6 months.

Question: Can I give up the sale?

You can stop your public auction listing before bids reach the reserve price. You dont have to accept any offer in private sale. You can’t give up a sale after a buyer won the public auction or private sale.

Question: Can I give up buying?

If you won public auction or a private sale, your are supposed complete the sale process.

Question: What if a winner dont deposit funds to Siterobot escrow account after winning the competetion?

If a listing has winner, the winner should complete his/her act basing on Siterobot terms and conditions. A buyer who doesnt carry out the responsibility will be low rated by seller and Siterobot. Bad reputation is a handicap for the following trades.

Question: What if a seller don’t send the website’s ownership information?

If a listing ends with a sale, the seller should sell the website basing on Siterobot rules. Seller’s responsibility begins with the buyer’s depositing funds to Siterobot escrow account. Even the buyer deposits funds to Siterobot escrow account, the seller doesn’t send the ownership information to the buyer in Siterobot escrow process, the deposit in Siterobot escrow account will be return to the buyers Siterobot account. The seller who doesn’t send the ownership information will be low rated by the buyer and Siterobot Bad reputation is a handicap for the following trades.

Question: How much can I get for my website?

The price of your website depends on the value you set and buyers interest on your website. These are the diffuculty on establishing your website, traffic ranks, mothly income, domain value.

Question: I bought a website on Siterobot, can I sell it immediately?

Yes you can sell your website even if you bought it recently. Siterobot promotes website trade as providing an effective market to the website masters and new project developers.

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