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Exclusive Penny Auction Website With 2000 Average Visitors Per Day!!

Exclusive Penny Auction Website With 2000 Average Visitors Per Day!!
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Shopybids is a Registered business legally in the state of Delaware, you can verify the legitimacy with additional documents.

Shopybids is a totally legitimate site auctions! It is a serious business, Shopybids is not a project uploaded a nulled script. Shopybids is a Serious Business and auction uses a software valued at $ 2.400

The value of the domain has been raised since its inception, We have a high ranking on, You can check the value of our website in the following links:

This is a penny auction website which according to Wikipedia is a type of all-pay auction site in which all participant must pay a non-refundable fee to place each small incremental bid, the auction ends after a period of time, typically ten to twenty seconds, without new bids; the last participant to have placed a bid wins the item.

The above explanation is in the case of those who do not know what a penny auction site it but has interest in the website. That will give you a head about the website you are bidding on. 

Has a targeted brandable domain name which is short and can be easily remembered likewise also easier to pronounce and spell due to the presence of generic words that makes up the domain which has so far been a factor to the success of the website itself.

 (The domain has been valued to worth a staggering $463,570 according to worth of web calculator; you can look it up here

The website is 1 year and 9 months consolidated in the digital market and is been run with the excellent pro package of penny pro auction software valued at $2400 onetime payment which has already been paid for.The price of the software can be seen on the following link; 

This software which has hundreds of functions and features included in its penny auction script which enable provision of communication and have a robust administration panel and CMS for managing and shipping of items is exactly what this website is based on.

How Penny Auction Works

Participant pays a fee to purchase bids. Each of the bid increases the price of the item by a small amount, such as one penny (0.01 USD; hence the name of the auction). Bid prices vary by site and quantity purchased at a time, but generally cost 10-150 times the price of the bidding increment. The auctioneer receives the money paid for each bid, plus the final price of the item.

How This Website Works

Shopybids is a penny auctions site, similar to Quibids, beezid or any other penny auction site you might know and it works just like a standard penny auction website;

  •        You visit the website and Register and buy a bid pack.
  •        You spin our bid wheel for free bids to rack up more bids.
  •        You find the auction to bid on and start bidding.
  •        If you are the last bidder when the clock hits 0.00 you win.

Just as you can see it is exactly similar in operation to how a standard penny auction works.

What is the reason for selling Shopybids.

I have different physical projects in which I am working and have Shopybids requires the attention of an administrator in order to keep the site updated, Shopybids only need between 2-3 hours of work a day!

Features Of This Website

The website which is based on the penny pro auction software has so many features such that it cannot be listed here but you can visit this link to check them out, very sure you will be wowed with the long never ending list of features which makes this website worth more than a mere bargain.

Monetization Method

The main method this website is monetized is in the sales of bid pack to its users, and this usually amount to a lot of money per bidding session if there are a lot of bidder on that particular product been bid on. Let me buttress my point with a calculated example:

if an item worth 1000 currency units (dollar) sells at a final price of 60, and a bid costing 1 raises the price of the item by 0.01, the you as the auctioneer receives 6000 for the 6000 bids and 60 as the final price, a total of 6, 060, a profit of 5) 60.if the winning bidder used 150 for the bids plus 60 for the final price. a total of 210 and a saving of 790. All the other, losing, bidders collectively paid 5,850 and received nothing while you as the auctioneer gain everything this been a standard example for those who knows not much about penny auction,

Now let’s see an example with shopbids auction so as to give you a better explanation

We sell bids pack Example: 1 bid pack of 30 bids for $7 other bid pack of 100 bids for $20.00

In shopybids auctions: 1 Dollar = 100 bids in all auctions this is value! 

If you win a iPad of 16 GB for $55.00 = 5,500 bids = 55 Bids Packs of 100 bids ($20) with value of : $1100 

55 Bids pack of 100 bids were used in the auction. 55 bid packs x $20 = $1,100.

Traffic And Revenue

The website has an average of 1500 to 2000 visitors per day but there was a recent drastic change in the website traffic in the last 3 months and below is the analytic from Google analytic:

The new administrator can get the maximum performance from your page with alexa ranking. There are many advertisers who invest large amounts for advertising different products on sites with high Alexa ranking.


Current Ranking:

Global Rank 30,418 5,719  Rank in United States 5,357  

Check The link:

Current traffic. July 16

56,612 visitors / day(based on Alexa Rank below)1,698,360 visitors / month20,380,320 visitors / year282,888 pageviews / day8,486,640 pageviews / month101,839,680 pageviews / year

This is good news to those who know the value of unique web visitors which this website has been enjoying.


The website earns a net profit of $1,400 monthly after all other necessary cost has been deducted, a good track for a penny auction website, all these figures, the new administrator can increase by expanding and extending the marketing campaign with the use of different services.

What We Will Offer You

Free Site Transfer (Worth $50)

Many sellers charge a fee for transferring the site to your host but we will be providing it free!

After Sales Support

You will not be left hanging once the sale is over. We will be there every step of the way to make the transition as smooth as possible and ensure your website is up and running. Your satisfaction is of central importance to us.

As an added bonus, BIN Buyers enjoy full "after sale" support for a period of 10 days!

Why not let your success come fast and quick with this penny action website.

Complete guide to manage the site.

I'm going to provide a guide for you to manage the site, I will provide a guide to show you how to manage marketing campaigns to increase sales on the site.


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