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Amazing Royalty Free Photos Site, Generates automated income over $1,000/mo

Amazing Royalty Free Photos Site, Generates automated income over $1,000/mo
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Website:  www.Royalty.Photos

#1 Royalty Free Photos Package. Generate automated income over $1,000/mo while you are enjoying life without any effort. Over 5k unique visitors/mo. Fantastic domain name worth $3400 according to popular Mobile friendly responsive design.


Brief history of the site

The web site was launched on March 2016. We keep advertising the website through BING network. Moreover, e-mail campaigns were used in order to attract more customers.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques used with great effectiveness. As a result, within a couple of months, 25% of total visitors traffic coming from organic search -about 60% of traffic coming through advertising-referrals-. We have connected all Google Analytics data to this listing. If anyone wants to get read-access permission in my Google Analytics account please provide me with your email and i will add you.


Right now, this web site offers one of the best royalty free photos collection on the web. It offers 30 amazing royalty free photos in high resolution captured in several countries in a very special-low price.


Web Site Design

Design of the web site is unique, user-friendly and uses cool effects:



Huge potential for great earnings while you are sleeping or you are on vacations !


We are using Gumroad as the payments processor and we can accept various payment methods including Credit Cards & Paypal. So all customers are offered a popular option for purchasing our royalty free photos collection.


How much time does this site take to run?

No time at all, it's fully automated the whole process of purchasing the royalty photos collection by buyers.


Technology Used

The web site was created using ASP, JQuery and DHML technologies.


No need to have technical knowledge at all, since everything is set.


Domain Name (Key Points)

Advantages of the domain name of the web site http://www.Royalty.Photos

  • Worth $3400 according to popular
  • Rare Premium Domain,
  • 1 Keyword Rich .photos Domain,
  • Highly Brandable,
  • Highly Memorable,
  • Premium Generic Category Killer,
  • Premium words from multi Billion industries,
  • Huge potential for massive profits



The offer includes the domain, the web content -all files including the photos in high resolution-, the hosting account, the domain email accounts, all social media profiles and technical developments.


In particular the new owner will get:

  1. Brand name.
  2. Logo.
  3. Domain name reserved till 10/2016.
  4. All photos with reselling rights in high resolution,
  5. Fully licensed themes, plugins and visuals.
  6. Mobile friendly responsive design - check it here:
  7. Uniquely designed features, created from our designers - images, icons, logos, facebook covers, twitter covers, google plus covers, etc.
  8. Installed SEO friendly backend tools.
  9. On-site and Off-site SEO.
  10. Sitemap.xml generator installed.
  11. Google webmasters tool verified.
  12. Google Analytics verified.
  13. Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+),
  14. BING Ad details and keywords


Why am I selling this great automated passive income web site ?

I need the funds for a non-internet related business.


Payments & Handover

I accept payments through Siterobot and via PayPal.

After the payment, i will change domain owner and give to the new owner immediate access to the hosting and domain account (domain is paid until October 2016) or alternatevely transfer all relative files to buyer's hosting provider and change the DNS settings respectively.


As a gift i will give you 1 year free hosting of the web site.


The new owner will be given immediately the following:

  • All accounts relative to the web site (administration, emails, social media, etc)
  • All web site files.
  • Marketing campaigns information, keywords, etc
  • All photos with high resolution.

Questions or Concerns

Please don't hesitate to contact me, i'm always glad to help.

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